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Public Sector Solutions
Data protection, file sharing, and system management solutions for public sector agencies


Acronis can protect and safely share sensitive data for government agencies of all sizes and any budget.

As a public sector organization, you have sensitive data that you need to protect and distribute across multiple platforms/networks while still adhering to compliance requirements and budget constraints. Acronis is here to help!

Acronis is a world leader in comprehensive data backups and ultra-fast disaster recovery. We also provide innovative system deployment tools, disk management utilities, and secure mobile file sharing solutions that allow your users access to sensitive data from anywhere in the world!

We offer streamlined, efficient solutions that support any system in your environment: virtual machines, physical servers, workstations, databases, and the cloud. We have designed each piece to work as a standalone product, or in combination with each other as a customized strategy that best fits your organization. This makes Acronis ideal for complex configurations (including legacy and hybrid environments).

Acronis offers an extensive collection of products:

  • Fast virtual machine backup and recovery
  • Complete physical server backup and recovery
  • Searchable database backup and recovery
  • Full desktop/laptop backup and recovery
  • Secure, offsite cloud storage
  • Cost-efficient system deployment and system migration
  • Secure Mobile File Management solutions
  • Secure remote file sharing solutions
  • Efficient disk management utilities
  • Unique Mac-Windows integration software

Acronis also takes into account the public sector’s unique security and compliance requirements. For example, our solutions use FIPS 140-2 certified encryption and leverage CAC/PIV two-factor authentication for access to enterprise networks. Acronis is also dedicated to providing full protection and fast data recovery in the event of disaster, significantly improving any Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Federal Government Solutions:

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Acronis provides secure, reliable critical data protection across physical, virtual, and cloud environments of any scale. Our fast, flexible and cost-effective solutions make Acronis the provider of choice across various branches of the federal government (including the Department of Defense, civilian agencies, and Federal integrators). Acronis also helps support U.S. troops by backing up their workstations in the field and protecting their PC data at home.

Our backup and recovery solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Ultra-fast recovery technology greatly improves RTO (Recovery Time Objective)
  • 256 AES encryption and authentications ensure backup security and data integrity
  • All-in-one, customizable solutions reduce management costs and complexity
  • Streamlined processes simplify all backup and recovery operations
  • Multi-platform support provides complete flexibility
  • On-site and offsite data consolidation across multiple networks simplifies backup management
  • Full integration with secure, offsite storage increases data recovery reliability
  • Simplified P2V/ V2V/ V2P migrations improves efficiency and accelerates new deployments

Mobile File Management

Acronis provides federal military and civilian agencies with secure EFSS (Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization) solutions that increase productivity and collaboration for field personnel—whether they are assisting farmers on soil conservation projects in the Midwest, or providing military support in a forward operating base in Afghanistan. We provide secure access to files and content across the entire enterprise network using certified FIPS 140-2 encryption and two-factor authentication via CAC/PIV card integration. With increasing budget constraints, Acronis allows federal organizations to maximize mobile worker productivity whether they are connected or disconnected from the enterprise network.

Our mobile file management solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Increased mobile worker productivity
  • Secured data both at rest and in transit
  • FIPS 140-2 certified encryption
  • AD, CAC/PIV, SSL certificate, and claims-based authentication
  • MS Office editing tools and PDF annotation tools
  • Full-featured, intuitive mobile app that anyone can use
  • Flexible, IT-managed security policies
  • Application policies can be established to prevent data leakage
  • On-premise and Office 365 SharePoint access
  • Internal and external file sharing
  • Easy scalability (from 10 users to 100,000+ users)
  • Flexible deployment options

Streamlined System Deployment

Deploying new technology across multiple systems is a complex task that involves extensive on-site and offsite coordination, time-consuming IT maintenance, and interrupted workflows. Acronis offers a faster, easier solution that helps you deploy or reimage all laptops, desktops and servers simultaneously, thereby significantly reducing these costs.

Acronis Snap Deploy leverages advanced snapshot technology to produce a customizable master image that you can deploy or “snap” across multiple systems at once (making it ideal for rapid bare-metal installations onto new servers and workstations). The result? A fast, cost-efficient method of reliably reproducing and deploying a system image across your entire agency (both on-site and offsite).