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How CloudTech S.A.S. boosted RPO by 50% and protected customers with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud
Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2021 10:51:02 AM

As a managed service provider, you know how important choosing the right vendor can be. Businesses live and die by the quality of their IT services, and when your clients aren't getting what they require, its a risk to their livelihood and to your own. Thats the situation that CloudTech S.A.S. found themselves in when Arcserves data backup solution was no longer meeting their needs.

Service providers looking for the best Arcserve alternative should consider tested solutions that have already delivered incredible results for others in the IT channel. A recent case study details how Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud helped CloudTech take their service offerings to the next level.

What CloudTech needed in a backup solution

CloudTech is a Columbian systems integrator and managed services provider based in Valle del Cauca. The company specializes in infrastructure services and cloud solutions for SMBs.

Previously, CloudTech was using Arcserve for its backup solution, but a few key issues left them feeling unsatisfied. The biggest of these was a lack of ability for end users to self-manage their own data protection. In addition, Arcserves solution didnt allow for particularly fast recovery, nor did it support Microsoft 365 mailboxes. And with cyberthreats constantly on the rise, CloudTech wanted to offer their customers more effective protection against modern ransomware attacks, which often target data backups.

The solution Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

With Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud, a single, centralized management console allows CloudTechs customers to easily manage their backups and quickly recover individual files, application data, Microsoft 365 mailboxes, or entire systems even to dissimilar hardware. And thanks to the integrated AI-driven anti-ransomware and anti-cryptojacking technology offered by Acronis Active Protection, CloudTech can be assured that their clients are safeguarded against cutting-edge cyberthreats.

Our customers now have a portal and can administer their backup copies and manage their data consumption, says CloudTech Solutions Director Jhon Salazar. This functionality led to marked improvements in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, freeing up CloudTechs resources to continue focusing on other areas, including business development.

In fact, by opting for a backup solution that does more, CloudTech was able to market new services especially anti-ransomware and disaster recovery capabilities to their existing clients. This strategy enables higher profits with minimal effort, and tends to reduce customer churn as well.

We were able to significantly improve our RTO and RPO. The recovery process to a new virtual machine was optimized by 50%, allowing us to offer server recovery in a matter of minutes, according to Salazar. The switch to Acronis was profitable in under four months we plan on building aggressive campaigns to promote Cyber Backup Cloud next year, and we are looking at expanding the services we receive from Acronis.

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