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Acronis antimalware in ICSA Labs September certification: 100% detection rate
Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 08:06:47 AM

Being good enough is never enough when it comes to safeguarding your data, endpoints, and workloads. To stand up to ever-changing threats, the strategies and solutions you rely on for data protection and cybersecurity need to keep evolving too.

For a vendor like Acronis, frequent testing by independent security laboratories is one of the most reliable ways to verify our solutions and technologies can counter the most modern threats.

As we reported in August, Acronis had just entered the yearly certification round for U.S.-based ICSA Labs, a subsidiary of Verizon that tests cybersecurity solutions. In its first test of Acronis Cyber Protect, ICSA certified the solution after it delivered very strong results.

Given the constantly changing cyberthreat landscape, Acronis is constantly enhancing our cybersecurity technologies to improve the detection rate and overall performance. The most recent efforts clearly paid off in the September round, as Acronis Cyber Protect scored a perfect 100% in all of the tests done by this respected certification laboratory.

Lets take a look at the latest results.

Staying ahead of the latest malware

ICSA Labs performs four types of tests in the antimalware category every month, which is essential to keep pace with the ever-evolving nature of modern malware.

The key assessment is a real-time protection test, which shows how well a security product is able to deal with the new cyberthreats out in the wild. To get a 100% detection rate in such a test is the kind of high-performing result every security product aims for.

Acronis Cyber Protect nailed that perfect score in the September test!

Identifying malware, not legitimate files

In addition to using a mainstream test set of malware to evaluate solutions, ICSA Labs also tests how well antimalware products can detect thousands of other cyberthreats from its Collection test set, as well as how products compare in terms of misidentifying legitimate processes as malware.

The lab presents thousands of innocuous test cases to trick products into creating false positives. Through its false-positive testing, ICSA Labs can offer the organizations that rely on its judgment the reassurance that tested antimalware products will not mistake the known clean files as malicious.

Acronis Cyber Protect aced both tests perfectly in September, with a 100% detection rate against the Collection test set and 0 false positives. The same goes to the on-demand test which reflects the ability of the product to find actual malware during a scheduled scan.

Final thought

While Acronis perfect results from the September certification round shows how we are delivering best-in-breed cybersecurity technology as part of our cyber protection solutions, we know that no product can guarantee 100% security at every given moment. Thats why anyone watching the analysis from places like ICSA Labs will see results fluctuate from month to month. If youre a partner or customer, it is important to track the monthly performance of your vendor over a period of at least six months to a year. That way, youll see if a solution consistently delivers strong results, passes certifications, and is constantly improving to meet the latest cyberthreats. Only then can you be sure that youve selected a cyber protection option you can trust.

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